Aug 11, 2011

Green and Simple Spanish Rural Retreats

If camping is your thing and you really want to give it a go somewhere warmer or even if it isn´t your thing at all but green holidays are pulling your thoughts, why not rent a bungalow or mobile home on a campsite in Spain.

The majority of Spanish campsites, which are divided into three categories, have bungalows and or mobile homes to rent. The sites are usually in wonderful scenery with fantastic views. The kids get the freedom and run around of the campsite and use of the swimming pools.

As far as luxury goes, they´re the pits, as far as simple, rustic maybe even charming goes they are perfectly adequate for a relaxing time, no worries about dirty finger marks or damage as there is little to hurt. And after all the idea was to go green wasn´t it?

For an economical break they are excellent value and unless you really want to traipse the kids around sightseeing, stick their bike in the car too and they´ll have a fun healthy and maybe an expensive attraction-free trip.

Some of the larger coastal campsites run children’s activities in high season, while others have entertainment laid on, beaches across the road, a hairdressers and private spa bath for rent for a moment of privacy or romance.

There´s nothing in the world quite like getting back to nature. Lying on the grass, watching the stars and listening to the sounds of nature.