Aug 30, 2011

New Free Overnight Parking for Motorhomes in Girona

The town hall of Ripoll in Girona has announced that a new area has been created for six motor homes in the area known as Can Guetes. This is next to CAT (Centre d'Acollida Turística) the tourist centre and it has water available.

 The Gps coordinates are 42º 12' 10,09" N 2º 11' 37,61" E

Please Respect the Following

  • This is for motor homes and campers not for tents.
  • The maximum stay is 24h.
  • Parking must be in the specified bays.
  • This spot is for parking or sleeping only, no tables and chairs, barbecues or other parapheraila is allowed outside the vehicle.
  • The area must be kept clean and tidy.

 If the above rules are not abided by you may be fined.

There´s nothing in the world quite like getting back to nature. Lying on the grass, watching the stars and listening to the sounds of nature.