Dec 30, 2011

Happy New Year and Happy Trip Planning

Happy New Year to you all. It´s now over six months since my first blog post. Hard to believe it and 2011 has gone so quickly.

Now it´s time to plan the camping trips for 2012. It has to be Huelva this year. It´s the only one of the eight provinces in Andalucia that I haven´t been to yet.

I also want to head into Extremadura, the harsh rugged region that borders with Portugal and then upwards towards Galicia, the north-western corner of Spain on the Atlantic Ocean.

We´ll see it´s early days and cold days yet, I´m a bit of a fairweather camper and when it´s 0ºC in the mornings I find it hard to imagine camping in the summer heat we get here in mountainous Southern Spain.

I´ll keep you posted on how the plans are coming together. Do let me know you´re plans and remember we now offer a planning service.

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There´s nothing in the world quite like getting back to nature. Lying on the grass, watching the stars and listening to the sounds of nature.