Jul 16, 2012

Which To Buy a Motorhome or Camper Van?

The question hubby and I still discuss from time to time is do we want a motorhome or a camper van. When we first got married (21 years ago) we had a silver VW called The Heap. No guesses why. We travelled a fair few miles together, moved house together, then when bump no. 1 made it impossible for me to sit at its table we decided it was time to go more comfortable and The Heap was rehomed.

Now three sons later and the thought of an empty nest not too far around the corner we´re debating again. I think we´ve decided on a camper van, this is presuming we´ll rarely be five, occasionally be three and most of the time just hubby and I.

Having taken a motorhome around some Spanish towns, hubby loving it, me pulling my hair out and saying ´you had an inch either side then´ ´watch the balcony´ and ´ahhhhh´ made us realise than the explorations of Spain that we want to do will probably be a lot calmer (and less marriage wrecking) in a smaller vehicle.

I thought this may be an interesting discussion and would love people´s comment on which they would choose, or why they made their choice.

Please leave us your comments, questions or advice on the questioin of  a camper van or motorhome.

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