Aug 28, 2012

Motorhome Gastronomic Routes in Spain

This is one of the five routes for motorhomes around Spain from the 2012 Repsol Guide. The five routes have been chosen for their legends, scenery and traditional gastronomy from some award-winning chefs.

The George Borrow Route in Extremadura

This route is around 210km long and is best started from Zafra where the British writer and traveller George Borrow started his explorations between 1836 y 1840. It offers a romantic look into the past if you read Borrow´s book The Bible in Spain while on the road.

In Merida, declared Patrimonio de la Humanidad, don´t miss the 8th century Roman ampitheater. Here the Repsol guide recommends traditional Extremeña cuisine at the Altair Restaurant, where the famous local Asado de Cabrito or Roasted Kid should be sampled. It´s not a cheap restaurant but has a wonderful position on the shores of the Guadiana river.

The route continues through Don Benito, which has a stopping place for motorhomes and Villanueva de la Serena y Almendralejo, where it´s well worth visiting the Casas-Palacios famous in this area. Continuing north take a stop in Trujillo and visit the Casa Museo Pizarro, Trujillo is famous for ist cheeses so don´t forget to sample some while here.

Arriving at the capital Cacereña there are plenty of XVIII monuments to visit such as the Convento de Santa Ana. Onto the final stage try the restaurante Atrio, which has been awarded 3 suns by the Repsol guide.

This is just one example of the routes in the

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