Apr 3, 2013

Tenerife´s Water Park - What can Siam Park offer you?

Many families, couples and single adventurers travel from all over to visit Siam one of the largest aquatic parks in the world. Siam Park is located in the exotic Tenerife, one of Spain´s Canary Islands. This amazing water park houses hundreds of rides and attractions that families flock to each year.

Some of the more popular attractions include Tower of Power, Naga Race, Mai Thai River, The Dragon, Siam Beach, The Giant, The Volcano, Jungle Snake, The Wave Palace, Sea Lion Island, Mekong Rapids, and The Lost City. This is just a few of the rides that are available at the park and with new attractions being added every year it will continue to be one of the world’s most favourable water parks.

Siam Park is popular among surfers as they offer the world’s largest artificial waves. The exhilarating wave pool offers surfers the chance to ride waves that reach up to 3 meters high. As well as the waves there´s an artificial beach that boasts warm temperatures and white sands where you can spend hours lounging by the water. This area can even rented for parties and after hour events just for you and your friends to enjoy.

Siam Park, Tenerife

Those that enjoy shopping can buy clothes, souvenirs, shoes, swim suits, treasures or just an ice cream to help cool off after a long day at the Siam Park. Everything you need and more can be bought when shopping within the park.

If you want to visit this massive water park and all it has to offer you should consider ordering your tickets as soon as possible to prevent the disappointment of overcrowding or overbooking. You can choose a one day, two day or even a seasonal pass depending on how often you visit.

The sooner you purchase your tickets the easier it will be to plan your trip to Siam Park. This will be a vacation that you and your family remember for years to come, and many tend when they are grown ups with their own children. GoSeeDo offer deals on attractions all across the world, why not purchase your Siam Park tickets today!

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