Jan 3, 2016

A New Year, A New Plan

So, yet another year has been and gone and I haven't even posted about my favourite sites of 2015.

But it's a new year and a new plan is ahead. We plan on continuing our tour of campsites or campings in Spanish, but haven't yet heard where we'll be going or how many we'll visit. I love route planning usually via places we've not visited before although every year that's becoming less and less.

Andalucia from Almeria to Huelva and Malaga to Jaen has been pretty much covered over our years as inspectors and we've enjoyed every kilometre of it, so here's to a few more driven in 2016.

Just off the top of my head, no referring to lists, and no  I can't list all 20 visited last year just like that, but the site I remember best was a new one to us and a very nice find too. When route planning I also choose which site/s I want to stay at - just so you know I like small ones. So my best - off the top of my head site for 2015 is..........

Camping Bella Vista in Aguilas on the Andalucia/Murcia border.

There´s nothing in the world quite like getting back to nature. Lying on the grass, watching the stars and listening to the sounds of nature.