About Camping in Spain

Camping in Spain has long been a popular activity for both the Spanish and other Europeans. With its variable climate and ease of access many Northern Europeans drive down to the Mediterranean coast to overwinter.

But Spain has an incredible array of scenery, history and culture and many inland campsites are far quieter and underused than those on the coast.

The Spanish rating system for campsites is:

With  the    offering the most services and 3rd category being more basic in the facilities they must provide.

Spain is made up of regions and they are made up of provinces, there are regions in Spain and they are:

Andalucia has 189 official campsites and they fall into

32   -  sites
107 -    2
50  -   3 sites

Aragón has 31 campsites
Asturias has 44 campsites
Castilla La Mancha
Castilla y León
Comunidad Valenciana
La Rioja
Pais Vasco
Región de Murcia

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